George Bowlay-Williams MBACP Counselling in Clapham, South West London

My Counselling

My work is greatly influenced by my clients who continue to inspire me with their uniqueness and individuality. They have taught me theory helps to understand a client’s processing. Yet the issues presented in session are unrehearsed, real and raw. I believe there is a gift in these experiences no matter how tragic, scary or fearful. The key is to work together to uncover lessons that can help improve the quality of life for my clients.

John Bradshaw has been a major influence on my work. His writings have influenced my ‘inner child’ work, and have inspired me as a powerful therapeutic tool which has helped me understand that we as adults still dance to the tune of the wounded child. When clients come to see me they bring with them presenting issues such as addiction, depression, trauma and other existential challenges. Together with my clients we are able to trace the problem back to their childhood. From there we can understand the childhood wounds that are still sore and how these wounds also hurt the adult.

Creating an emotionally safe place is crucial when it comes encouraging my clients to explore their deepest feelings and try to make sense of them. Through my work, I have come to understand how challenging emotional disclosure can be, and how it can often make people feel exposed and vulnerable. As a compassionate witness, I offer my clients the opportunity to communicate visually through art as a method to explore life without words. This can be helpful to the client if talking proves challenging in session.

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