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Integrative Counsellor, based in Clapham, Lambeth, South West London

How Counselling Can Help You

My name is George Bowlay-Williams, I am a registered member of the BACP and an experienced counsellor, working in Oval and Clapham, providing short term and long term counselling.

Like a ship at sea, everyone’s life can sometimes hit stormy waters. There can be many reasons. Maybe it’s something we don’t have much control over. One in four of us, will at some point in our lives, experience some kind of emotional or psychological difficulty. If left unaddressed, these issues can quickly and negatively impact your confidence, your relationship, your work and general sense of well being- often leaving you feeling more stressed, stuck and unable to move forward.

Talking over your concerns and difficulties with me is a good starting point. I have not come across a client who needed to be 'fixed'- but I have met with a lot who simply didn't have the space or confidence to talk freely without fear of being judged. I offer you both emotional and psychological support, and most importantly, allow you the space to be heard.

Counselling can really help, steering you through the rough weather and helping you get our your live back on course, and as an experienced counsellor based in Clapham in Lambeth, I can assist you on your journey.

My Approach

However much a person’s internal or external world is threatened, I believe that every individual has the power to make positives changes in their life and grow into a happier person. It’s the awareness of this possibility that usually brings people to my door in Clapham. it’s my job to harness that desire and make it a reality.

As a trained counsellor based in Clapham, I offer a safe place for the individual to explore what is going on for them, helping them to understand and then activate their internal and external resources to develop their resilience in the face of their particular issues.

I believe that every client , consciously or not, lets the therapist know what they would like from therapy. I adapt the therapy to the client, as opposed to letting the client adapt to the therapy. By integrating a personal approach, combining my own understanding with different theoretical models, to get the best for the individual. In addition to my person centred approach, I use intervention such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), a psychotherapy technique with a highly successful track record in help people suffering from trauma, anxiety and other emotional issues.

It Helps to Talk

My strength lies in helping you to make sense of the past in order to embrace the healing power of the here and now. My decades of exprience includes working with clients from all walks of life. I offer a range of therapeutic support that includes counselling and meditation sessions. Through my work with clients, I have gained great experience, respect, and understanding of the human capability for resilience, especially when there has been injury to the individual, which has left lasting damage to the psyche. As an addiction counsellor, I help clients recover from their problematic use of drugs and alcohol by exploring their triggers and neurosis, with the hope of attaining autonomy. I set up and facilitate an aftercare group to help support clients.

I continue to build a therapeutic relationship that fosters trust and understanding between you and me.


My counselling practice is based in Clapham, in the borough of Lambeth, South West London. It's just 5 minutes walk from the Clapham North Station Underground Station, and you can click here to see a map.

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